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Corporate Sales


The company "Aldis" offers special terms for corporate clients:

· personal manager, who will take care of all issues, from identifying needs to issues of service cars fleet;

· convenient leasing programs;

· service Trade-In (exchange of a used car in the new offset);

· flexible pricing when purchasing cars depending on their number;

· a free replacement car for warranty repairs;

· all kinds of repairs and maintenance;

· individual approach.

Also feel the special care of your safety in a special series of armored cars BMW.

We invite you to mutually beneficial and long-term cooperation.

Your personal manager for corporate and diplomatic sales:

Andrey Negru
Head of Sales, "Aldis"
Tel: +7 (8482) 270 111 119
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Pavel Feklin
Head of Sales, "Aldis"
Tel: +7 (846) 373 84 48
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